Compton 125 Historical Society

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Preserving Our History  for Future Generations Compton 125 Historical Society

About Us

The City of Compton celebrated its 125th Birthday May 11, 2013 during which the Compton 125 Celebration Project was born. A coalition of community leaders and activist came together over the next eleven months and planned a series of events to celebrate the city’s birthday. May  2014 The project participated in the Grand Opening of the City’s New Community Center by providing  Historical showcase of founders, and the way of life from the 1800’s to the early 60’s. The Compton 125 Historical Society (C125HS) began researching and collecting materials of historical pieces about the city of Compton, including: maps, photographs, advertising, and other documents that chronicle the City’s History.

Our Goal

is to celebrate the history of our city by empowering and engaging our citizens with fun, inspiring, relevant, and educational programs and activities that will help to promote the historical development of the city of Compton.